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ASP.NET Portal Starter Kit

The ASP.NET Portal Starter Kit demonstrates how you can use ASP.NET and the .NET Framework to build a dynamic portal application.
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Project Scope

Re-engineering the original project using up-to-date technologies


  • Dynamic Portal Infrastructure
  • 10 basic portal modules for common types of content
  • A "pluggable" framework that is simple to extend with custom portal modules
  • Online administration of portal layout, content and security
  • XML based definition of portal layout
  • Database based definition of portal layout new.jpg
  • Roles-based security for viewing content, editing content, and administering the portal
  • Multiple database support easily extensible to support more databases new.jpg

Technologies and Design Approaches Demonstrated

  • .NET 4 new.jpg
  • P&P Unity Dependency Injection new.jpg
  • Three-tier architecture with ASP.NET
  • Role Based Security
  • Design Patterns new.jpg
  • NUnit Tests new.jpg
  • Master Pages, SiteMaps & Themes new.jpg

Project Wiki

Server Status


The project is developed using the open process used at codeplex. This process includes frequent builds and releases in this community of code and documentation. If you find bugs or want additional capabilities addressed by the team, use the Issue Tracker to create a new Work Item.

Build Server: Codebetter TeamCity

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We will continuously monitor the Issue Tracker in this site to get feedback on content and prioritize.

If you want to participate as a developer then please send an email along with a resume and reason that you want to participate.


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